Pattern Gene Database

About PaGenBase

Pattern Gene Database (PaGenBase) is a free database that provides information of pattern genes (specific genes, selective genes, housekeeping genes and repressed genes) of 11 model organisms identified from serial gene expression profiles of multiple physiological conditions. PaGenBase has collected 143 quality microarray, NGS and tiling array datasets, as well as the literature, including 1,145,277 profiles. It involves kinds of time/tissue-specific conditions from the aspects of tissue/cell type, development/differention and so on.

To cite:
Pan JB, Hu SC, Shi D, Cai MC, Li YB, Zou Q, Ji ZL*. PaGenBase: a pattern gene database for the global and dynamic understanding of gene function. PLoS ONE.  2013 Dec 2;8(12):e80747. 

Housekeeping Gene Repressed Gene
Specific Gene Selective Gene

Potential Applications

  • PaGenBase will serve as a useful resource for the global and dynamic understanding of gene function.
  • PaGenBase will facilitate high-level investigations in various fields of development, pathogenesis and novel drug discovery.
  • PaGenBase provides specific genes which could be potential biomarkers for specific conditions.
  • PaGenBase provides housekeeping genes as reference genes which could be used as molecular control in qualitatively or semi-quantitatively measuring gene expression.

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Database Statistics

Organism Dataset
Arabidopsis thaliana 1
Bos taurus 2
Caenorhabditis elegans 1
Danio rerio 2
Drosophila melanogaster 9
Escherichia coli 6
Glycine max 3
Homo sapiens 26
Mus musculus 78
Rattus norvegicus 3
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 12
Total 143

News & Updates

2017/09  UPDATE! Change the whole style of database.

2017/05  UPDATE! Debug.

2016/04 UPDATE! Change the style of picures.

2015/06 UPDATE! Renew the information of help page.

2013/12 The version 1.0 is ready for service.