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Bioinfmatics-Aided Drug Discovery Group, Xiamen University

Hi Guys!

The Bioinformatics-Aided Drug Discovery Group (BADD) was first established in early 2004 by Dr Zhi-Liang Ji. It focused on following three challeging areas.

What We do

Biological data mining

The group develops the database and software of pharmacoinformatics, carry out theoretical research on individualized medication and pharmacogenetics based on the heterogeneous biological big data

Drug Discovery

The group develops databases, tools and novel strategy to aid pharmacological or toxicological studies. Currently, the groups particularly focus on system toxicology or toxicogenomics by computational approaches.

Systems Biology

The group develops novel algorithms or applications to mine high throughput data derived from microarray, NGS, and etc, so as to extract clues for better understanding of gene / protein functions and further discovery of novel drug target.

Our Remarkable Works