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Pattern Gene Finder (PaGeFinder) is a free on-line server to provide interactive pattern analysis of user-submitted gene expression profiles generated by high throughput technologies, e.g. microarray, RNA-seq, SAGE. PaGeFinder implements new algorithms and functions for quantitative identification of pattern genes like specific/selective genes, housekeeping genes and repressed genes. PaGeFinder is particularly useful for dynamic analysis of serial transcriptomic data under different spatiotemporal conditions (tissues, developmental stages, physiological states, etc). It would be also useful in comparing gene expression profiles from the same platform or even different platforms.

Citation: : Pan, J.B., Hu, S.C., Wang, H., Zou, Q. and Ji, Z.L. (2012) PaGeFinder: quantitative identification of spatiotemporal pattern genes. Bioinformatics, 28, 1544-1545. [html]

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Useful Links

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