Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System

Number of standard ADR terms: 9,696 System Organ Classes (SOCs): 27 High Level Group Terms (HLGTs): 330 High Level Terms (HLTs): 1,449 Preferred Terms (PTs): 7,571 Number of ADR Severity by FAERS (PTs): 6,277 Number of Severity Grade by CTCAE: 1,330 System Organ Classes (SOCs): 26 High Level Group Terms (HLGTs): 186 High Level Terms (HLTs): 493 Preferred Terms (PTs): 894 Number of synonyms: 77,615 Drug synonyms: 38,153 From MedDRA: 7,829 Number of Drugs: 2,526 From DailyMed: 1,789 From SIDER2: 1,473 From FAERS: 774 Number of Drug-ADR pairs: 976,236 With ADR Frequency by FAERS information: 176,056 Number of ADR-Protein pairs: 1,433