Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System-Target profile

What is about the ADReCS-Target?

Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System-Target Profile (ADReCS-Target) provides comprehensive information for illustrating ADRs caused by drug interactions with protein, gene and genetic variation. ADReCS-Target works independently; however, it serves as a key component of the ADR ontology database ADReCS . ADReCS-Target is also an update of DITOP database and DART database. ADReCS-Target will prompt various ADR studies. It will also be of value to future precision medicine, especially in refining drug with better ADR profile and designing precise drug therapy regimen.

Database Statistics

Data Type Count
System Organ Class (SOC) 11
High Level Group Terms (HLGT) 17
High Level Terms (HLT) 554
Preferred Terms (PT) 1,675
All ADRs 2,257
All Drugs 662
ADR-Gene Pairs 63,298
ADR-Variation Pairs 2,613
ADR-Protein Pairs 1,710
All ADR association Pairs 66,573

News & Updates

   2017/06 Help page on-line.

   2017/04 Released ADReCS-Target 1.0 !

   2017/03 Released ADReCS-Target beta !